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How Leather Gloves Been Made In Chinese Leather Glove Factory
How Leather Gloves Been Made In Chinese Leather Glove Factory
1, Leather Sorting.
The first thing to do for leather glove making is to sort correct leather as client’s request, or as quality on PP samples.
Even for same kind of leather, it has different grade, different quality, different dye method and different surface feeling. So it is important to sort different leather for different leather gloves. 
2, Leather Pulling.
For some leather like goat skin and imported sheep skin, they need to be pulled by hands or by machine, to make the leather softer and more flexible. Otherwise some gloves may become bigger or unfit for your hands after you use them for some times.
After pulling, the leathers need to be placed aside for more than 10 hours before cutting, as the leather will have more or less shrink.
3, Cutting.
There are different hand sizes for different places in the world. So correct cutting knives are crucial for fitting.
Cuttting knives need to be remade every 2-3 years, to keep the knives sharp.
4, QC on cutting leather.
After cutting the leather, some leather may have defect. These defective leather are not allowed to made into gloves. They will be found out and replaced by the good one.
5, Sewing.
Sewing is a representative step for either garment or leather glove making. It is very important for the skillful workers to sew the leather gloves by machine or by hand. A skillful worker need at least 2-3 years of experience on leather gloves sewing.
6, Ironing, polishing and pressing.
Ironing is to make the glove shapely.
Polishing is to make the glove textured.
Pressing is to keep the look of the glove after ironing and polishing.
7, QC on finished gloves.
This step of QC mainly check the workmanship of all gloves. Broken line, needle holes etc were not allowed. The workers of our factory will follow the standard of AQL2.5.
8, Packing.
The gloves need to be packed strictly as client’s request. The cartons need to be strong enough to suffer long-distance transport.
If you think the article is not elaborate enough, pls don't hesitate to contact us for more infomation.